The need to make our productions more and more flexible led us to invest in a new machine model: the Miyano ABX 64 THY, the perfect synthesis between flexible production and machining rigidity.


Three Y axes give high efficiency and height productivity.


Right and left upper turrets equipped with a Y axis, and a lower turret also with a Y axis that can unrestrictedly approach both spindles, enable the ideal process allocation and flexible tooling without any limitations imposed by machining balance. Three Y axis for ultimate flexibility & high productivity Two upper 12 station turrets on box guideways dedicated to each spindle and a lower 12 station turret capable of working on both spindles – all with 80mm of Y axis stroke.

Complete flexibility in tandem with Miyanos’ world renowned accuracy and rigidity.


High power, high torque (40Nm) power tool capability in any of the 36 turret stations to enable milling capability like a machining centre.


Our production department could now count on 2 Miyano ABX 64 THY ready to machine any kind of raw material.