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Tradition and innovation go hand in hand

Foma is a family-owned company founded on the Orta lake shores, starting its business activities with wood product turning. In the early 1950s wood processing was left aside and the company started dealing with metal machining, especially brass, soon becoming a key supplier for the local faucet manufacturers. In the 1980s Foma developed and grew into an Italian leader in turning processing. In 1998 Foma moved its production facilities to a new company plant in Armeno (NO).

The 1990s featured market differentiation and a significant export growth, whereby Foma started playing a key role in the European machining sector. In 2009 Foma doubled the surface area of its production facilities, reaching over 4,500 sq. mt covered area. In 2013 a new oil & gas heavy duty machining department was set up.



Excellent management performance and responsiveness

Foma can rely on well-organized engineering and manufacturing departments that can provide customers with prompt, thorough service and effective support, and submit timely feasibility studies and quotations.  Our company-owned production facilities, covering a 15,000 sq. mt area, are dedicated to metal machining, with advanced equipment that ensures processing accuracy and top quality. Our wide range of manufacturing methods offer our customers an array of flexible, cost-effective production solutions. Excellent product quality is ensured by certified raw materials and statistical process monitoring.  Rinsing, packaging and efficient warehouse management guarantee timely, safe worldwide delivery services. Our constantly updated innovative software system controls production planning and scheduling in order to meet our customers’ requirements promptly.



Foma’s mission is to shape your successful products.  We take great pride in supplying top-quality engineering components fully meeting customer specifications and deadlines. Our core objective is to establish solid, long-lasting partnerships with our customers and we rely on constant investments in technology and training in order to reach our goals. Our key features are highest flexibility, manufacturing quality, effective customer service and competitive prices.


Pursue competitiveness by developing total quality. Go from standardisation to customising our offer to our Client's real needs.

R & D

Foma is constantly searching for new technologies and innovative solutions to increase its Client's satisfaction


Since the very beginning of our activities we have followed a correct environment protection policy. Based on the application of the current legislation and ISO 14001 norms, we carefully control our process in order to reduce its impact on environment and reduce generation of waste may have on air, water and earth. 

Certified quality

Our priorities: quality and environment protection

 Quality is a top priority in all Foma products as well as the production process, DNV validated and certified in compliance with ISO 9001 standards. The procurement of raw materials only involves highly qualified and certified suppliers, guaranteeing the full traceability of all the materials employed in the production process.

Each product batch is thoroughly tested by our skilled staff, who can rely on an air-conditioned measuring room fitted with a wide range of testing equipment, such as a durometer, a profile projector, a roughness tester and a Zeiss 3D measuring machine, in order to meet any tolerance requirements. Our statistical process control ensures full product compliance with focus on end-customer satisfaction.

The finishing processing entrusted to qualified suppliers is constantly monitored to meet customer requirements.