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We draw upon our expertise and know-how to manufacture metal precision parts for the most diverse industrial applications.

Below please find a  brief overview of our target market sectors.

Sanitary industry

hydro-thermo-sanitary industry

Foma specializes in the production of bathroom faucet components for major European companies in this manufacturing sector. We manufacture a wide range of products, including semi-finished and chrome-plated faucet components, valve components, fittings, hose components and accessories, to name but a few.  All the products we supply are manufactured with the utmost care and feature excellent finish. 

  • Raw and chrome plated faucet components
  • Valves components
  • Fitting
  • Flexible hoses components
  • Accessories


Quality and best precision for your components

Heating / Air conditioning


We also guarantee the utmost care in manufacturing metal parts for   air-conditioning and heating applications, including dedicated fittings, boiler parts and floor heating components. Our accuracy in manufacturing products that fully meet specifications and tolerance rates guarantees excellent component performance and customer satisfaction. 

  • Special fitting
  • Boiler components
  • Floor heating components


Oleodynamic Industry

Foma manufactures products for both low- and high-pressure oleodynamic applications. We provide excellent solutions to process stainless and carbon steel products, ensuring low roughness,  tight tolerance and high performance in manufacturing process repeatability.

  • Oleodynamic valves components
  • Oleodynamic pumps components
  • Low and high pressure fitting components
  • Flow regulation components


Years of experience in machined components production

Castors and Wheels / Handling

We also provide ideal  handling and trolley solutions  for industrial wheels. We process cast iron, steel alloys, aluminium and plastic, to supply top-quality products for flexible, reliable applications.

  • Industrial wheels components
  • Rollers components
  • Brackets components

Oil & Gas

Foma production facilities include a section for processing components for oil & gas applications. Our manufacturing solutions feature large-sized products as well as heavy-duty machining and highly alloyed materials, such as F51 and Inconel. Foma is a reliable partner in this sector as well,  thanks to short lead time and attention to detail in the production of rods, bodies, extensions, flanges and packing. 

  • Steam
  • Body
  • Extention
  • Flanges
  • Packing



Foma  also supplies products for automotive applications. We deal with large-batch manufacturing whereby accuracy and traceability are key factors for our reliable production. Certified raw materials and strict quality control throughout the production process guarantee excellent product quality.